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Dj Senthil

In the entertainment and arts category especially where nightlife description is concerned DJ Senthil is a famous name. Leading the school of pure-breed DJs in India is DJ Senthil. With a pro-retro focus in music, DJ Senthil is a hard-core Micheal Jackson fan with impeccable taste and impressive talent for English retro-music, which instantly transports you back to the rocking 80s & 90s. He always knew his calling lay either in 'airwaves or airlines' but the decider came in the form of a friend's party which introduced him to the world of DJ-ing... and the rest was history.

A relationship that has lasted almost two decades, DJ Senthil's love affair with the console is still going strong. He is known as the King of Retro music and has witnessed club music evolve from Retro hits and Bollywood remixes to Commercial and EDM today. He started his career with private parties, guest DJing at some of the city's best clubs and pubs, and a 15 year long journey at On Toes, Juhu. More recently he was the resident DJ at Elbo Room in Bandra and Barcode in Andheri and has wooed the crowds as the guest DJ at PaliBhavan, Kinos 108, WTF and Saffron Bay. His biggest strength is that he loves and knows just how to play to the crowds. Perceptive as he is, DJ Senthil picks up on their pulse and plays tracks that glues them to the dance floor.

A guitarist himself, he has recently composed a guitar solo and is working on his very first music video. One of Michael Jackson's biggest fans, many may remember his tribute performance at On Toes a few years ago on Michael Jackson's first death anniversary. When he is taking some time off from the console and his beloved guitar, he spends time installing the right sound kits for a varied set of places across the country. Being an ardent music lover and knowing the industry well, Senthil is a part of our vibrant international music and development team. His knowledge of international and national music trends adds to his successful style of music. Leading the international music team with his vibrant attitude and his experience, our international music team is surely one to watch out for.