Film Production Team

S.M Siva

Sivakumar started as an editor and grew to be one of the best managers and coordinators our company. Having worked with us for over 15+ years he has held the our filming sets together like roots of tree. He has been a part of the company’s journey and has always regarded the companies well-being first.

His dedication and hard work has surely led this company to higher successes. Working with Mr Sivakumar is equivalent to having the best set of team. For as a production team leader, he definitely works efficiently and effectively.


Chandru is best known handle our outdoor units with utmost ease and effectiveness. As a coordinator and as someone responsible for managing multiple teams on outdoor filming locations, Chandru is seen not just efficient but also someone who never loses his cool. He is someone who is well regarded in terms of taking contingencies into account.

Having worked with him over the years proves his calibre and work style is most successful. His work ethic is always on point.