Creative Writters

A. N Elangovan

Having worked with the company for historic series and be a part of the art direction team, Elangovan is known for his on time presentations.
His art work has not just been a part of our series but also have received much appreciation form our audiences.
He has contributed a lot towards making our sets look grand beyond measure.

KP Arivanandham (Writer)

His experience and creative calibre stands far ahead in time. As a in house writer, Mr Arivanandham has contributed beyond measure towards the creative content collection of our company. He knows how to sway the audience and he has always delivered results no matter what.
Working with his calibre and with a man so experienced our company has definitely learnt a lot. He has played a very essential part in bringing the dynamism of Indian culture and the growing youth into many our series.

Loganathan (Assistant writer)

Our company has been blessed with encountering hardworking people like Mr Loganathan. Even during the most stressful days of filming, Mr Logu has always been a support and a stronghold to our creative team. His work has been appreciated by many of our artists and he is known to change and provide required scenes within the most stressful time when they have been changes to locations or emergencies.
Logu’s dedication has definitely played a part in the growing creative content that our company holds.

Mrs. Girija Raghavan
Creative Team

Mrs.Girija Raghavan is a multi-faceted personality. Journalist & Women Magazine Publisher & Editor, Focus on women empowerment, Businesswoman & a consultant, Media personality & Television producer, Counselor

G.K. Gopinath
Creative Team

Dialogue Writer & Screen play for Tamil, Telugu & Kanada. In Televisions for Sun T.V, Kalainar T.V & Vijay T.V Gopi is one of our ace go to people with regard to creative content. His humor is often known to make people laugh wildly. His plots are known to get the audience addicted to the series.
A very talented writer, Gopi has been a part of this legacy of amazing creative content.