About Us

team2 Our humble beginning can be traced back to the year of 1986. 23,000
Incorporated in 1993, Vaishnavi Films Enterprises Limited, sought to change the face of Indian television series. Emerging as one of Asia’s trustworthy and dynamic media entertainment company, we spread our wings across the continent of Asia.
We took a stance that television entertainment must be diversified. Branching out from being just a television production house we undertook various entertainment and marketing based projects. Soon we had mastered in-film advertising, marketing, in-flight entertainment, distribution, events, dubbing, Ad-films, Motion Pictures, FM Broadcasting, Post Production and animation activities.

Soon our work was regarded with that of a trendsetter, going forward to give our company the recognised status of being trustworthy. Our quality has stood the test of time and we have always outperformed our competitors. We grew to be one of the most successful media companies to be associated with in South East Asia. Apart from the growth of the company, Vaishnave has a strong list of very successful artists, technicians, musicians, directors, cinematographers and other creative personalities who have grown with this company and whom this company has provided a platform to. We have worked with many famous personalities who have helped us grow too.

Our creative department has always had the best of the cream and the most hardworking and talented members through the years. We are most often the first to be contacted by many television networks and advertising companies where high profile projects are concerned. We can proudly state that we have aired more than 100 Television shows over 23 television channels in more than 15 countries in many languages. Being one of Asia’s leading production houses, almost every satellite and terrestrial Television channel around the world at some point in time broadcasted a show created by us.

Our history, as of today, stands testament to over 23,000 hours of production of Drama, News, Current Affairs, Action, Comedies, Documentaries and events. The countries that we have worked with include India, South Africa and South East Asian countries.
Almost three decades in, and our commitment to quality and meaningful media is only strengthened by our young executives and creative team.